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 Impressions and Recommendations
from Miz Culture's  Tours  


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Many thanks, it was amazing: an experience of quality, exciting and super interesting! We enjoyed every moment! Looking forward to the next tour

Shir 'On the Seam Line' tour in Jaffa, July 2019

We really enjoyed the tour in Jaffa. A fascinating, exciting, thought-provoking tour of the routine and even more of the New Normal brought by the Corona. The characters were enriching and the instructor Siegel did well to weave the frame story. Looking forward to the next tour!  

Tamir and Zehavit  

"Jaffa comes out of the closet" tour June 2020

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An interesting, instructive and fun tour. Thanks to the tour guide and the artists who showed up. Was exciting.  

Yossi, 'On the Seam Line' tour, Jaffa 2019 

Dear Sigal,

You have been there for us from the very beginning with endless patience and flexibility for each and every request. The precise adaptation for our team proved itself, the connections you made with the various artists we met throughout the day were inspiringly accurate. The writing workshop that swept the day, in front of the breathtaking views of Jaffa beach allowed us to connect and get excited together. Thank you so much you are wonderful.

Lilach,A tour and workshop with lunch, a day of formation of a team of academics and educators, Feb. 2020


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Thank you, Sigal, for the refreshing and interesting tour through the hidden and magical areas of Jaffa.  

You gave us a feeling of being abroad without passing through Ben Gurion Airport ...

Yosef and Abigail, Creative Tour in Ajami, 2020

This morning I enjoyed a fascinating and magical tour of Jerusalem Boulevard, led by Sigal, who was able to choose the special people and places she knows how to discover and make accessible. This is my second tour under her guidance and I look forward to the next opportunity. Thanks Sigall!

Shaulah, ‘On the Seam Line’ tour, 2019

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Morning tour of Jaffa. We heard the inspiring life story of the beautiful Indian-born Meghana Reddy, while sitting in an amazing space, the pavilion of a chef-artist and musician who sang and played songs and moved us. Was lovely! Thanks Siegel Miz Culture  

Tze'ela, 'Nails and Dresses' Tour, March 2019

We took part today on a tour of Jerusalem Boulevard and Noga with Sigal. It was a wonderful, flowing, surprising and fascinating tour. Interesting encounters, magical corners, Highly recommended .  

Ronit, 2019

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I have been on several Sigal tours. The uniqueness is that each tour on a different theme though geographically all in more or less the same location. Siegel was able to mediate the various topics to the audience with skill and especially great originality. Every time I received the topic of the tour by email, I thought to myself how it is even possible to mediate such a topic in a physical tour of the area (for example: a nightlife tour of Jaffa in the 1970s). It has always been interesting, original, not too stressful and also not overly commercial.

Era, 2019

We left today, as part of out team day from work for a tour with Sigal in the Ajami neighborhood. Already in planning Sigal was attentive to our desires, dreams and requests. The tour was interesting. Sigal combined history, weaving the old and the new, introducing us to a unique and talented artist, a taste of what the place is like. It was a fun and exciting day, thank you Sigal!

Dalit, a formation day for a team of educators and therapists

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For those looking for special things: I did with Sigal two tours in Jaffa, one in the Noga complex, in the American Colony and the other with my kids in the Old City. Both were successful (but really) perfect and highly (highly) recommended. Sigal is a fascinating guide, building some of the highest quality tours I have encountered and especially talented at finding lovely corners that I would never have reached on my own. 

Tamar, 2019

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!Ok, Ok, I blushed

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