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? Who is Miz Culture

Sigal Weissbein Rozman  

Cultural curator, artistic director, actress, poet and performer. Former Culture Attache of Israel to The netherlands. Artistic Director of 'Woman' Festival, Holon. Former Artistic director of 'Sha'ar' International Poetry festival By Helicon.

Sigal participated and was a jury member at festivals and award committees in Israel and abroad.

Sigal began her career as an actress, a graduate of Nissan Nativ acting studio Tel Aviv. She won the 'Outstanding Actress' Award at the Acco Theatre Festival. She participated in fringe plays and performances in Israel and abroad.  Sigal studied literature, gender and arts at Tel Aviv University and the Open University.  She is a grduate of the 'Alma' Fellowship Program (Hebrew Culture Institute) and the 'Helicon' Poetry Class. 

She organized, moderated and produced dozens of cultural events. Her poems have been published in various magazines. She has been leading cultural tours during the last dacade in Israel and The Netherlands. 

"For more than 20 years I have known and accompanied excellent artists, whom I have hosted at festivals and cultural events I held. I realized that I am more interested in meeting artists in rehearsal rooms, studios or their homes. I interprate artwork, performing arts, music or street names as written texts: with critical eyes, with reference to context, to the people around the work, to time and place.  

It is such a unique and different experience than watching a finished, polished and tightened 'product'. In my role as cultural attaché, I have conducted such tours for festival directors and cultural journalists. There was nothing more powerful than the tour to make them realize how complex and unique it is to be an Israeli.  

On Gala evenings at my festivals, when you, the audience, were already sitting in your seats in the hall, waiting for the show to begin, I would then look at you from back stage, eager to take you, one by one, to get to know what goes on between the seams of the piece. Now I do it. With you "


"Miz Culture is a character who accompanies me for many years, like an alter ego. She is a diva of culture.

She observes, wanders, follows and knows how to recognize good artpiece, a young talent and always will find something to tell about it. The character of 'Miz Culture' was born in a performance I did for a festival in the Netherlands  where I played a funny and prying character of an art tour guide in private homes.

That was about 18 years ago.  Lately, she has returned to my life, in an improved version ...  And that's it, she was a part of me again, along with the yellow boots."

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