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Tours. Creators. culture.  
The cultural experiences of Miz Culture in
Tel Aviv-Yafo

The content of the tours and the composition of the creators are updated according to what is happening in the city.  Each tour combines a creative meeting, a cultural history guide, and local food tasting.  

And of course: the route and the meetings according to the health guidelines 

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Craft and Culture In Kiryat Hamelacha  

Kiryat HaMelacha has transformed from an area of small industries to an Artists' residency.  We will meet creators and makers' diverse and contemporary work, full of color and richness. In the fields of performing arts, plastic arts and design. The place echoes the meeting point of cultures from the past to the present, in the flavors and languages that play a great part in it.  

Duration of the tour: 3.5 hours  


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עקקבות צהוב.png
נשים על קיר

Pins and dresses

Women artists and entrepreneurs in Jaffa

They are the most interesting, creative and independent women  In the city.  Those who rewrite their and the place's story and combine innovation with community and respect for the past. They are here to create something out of nothing, make their voices heard and change their surroundings.  They are followed by inspiration, original thinking  and courage.

The tour is recommended all year round, not just on International Women's Day, because we deserve to meet our good version ech nd every day.   

Duration of the tour: 3.5 hours.  

(The tour is dedicated to the women's festival which I was its artistic director. It is especially dear to my heart, so consider it as a mini festival!)

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Painfully Beautiful  - the artists of Ajami neighborhood  

The Ajami neighborhood is a beating heart  In a storm of emotions and Oriental beauty. It is a combination of wealth and splendor, high culture, houses of worship and spiritual life, along with conflicts and internal combustion. Ajami is an inspiration for contemporary, socialiy minded and kicking creation. She feces the sea and the harbor.  While the seafarers who have always returned to it with longing for home, for the scents of the casseroles that have come from afar. Ajami is the essence of the pain and beauty of Jaffa and is the great muse of the artists who live there today and praise her with songs of love, anger and passion.  

Duration of the tour: 3.5 hours 

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On the seam line

A tour centered on the most elegant boulevard in Jaffa, which was a pounding, colorful and vibrant cultural center. You can imagine the carriages, the stagecoaches, the fancy girls and the young men going out to the square to listen to the orchestra play ... Today the boulevard is  a combination of the disappearing world and contemporary creators, designers and new places. Still beautiful, despite the rail works.  On the seam line between Jaffa and Tel Aviv, a second before diving into the rhythm of the virtual digital age, let's discover the hidden beauty, the people and the stories  Of the elegant Bolivard in the Levant.  

Duration of the tour: three hours  


קמילה פרט.jpg

      The Grand Jaffa Outing- LGBT artists in Jaffa  

We will meet in the evening to get to know the kicking and glamorous Jaffa. Let's start with (symbolic?) stepping out of the walls of the Old City, where we will tell the story of some of the mythological female and male heroes of Jaffa, from a gender perspective.

In the new world, beyond any walls, we will meet some of the LGBT artists who grew up and live in a city that is considered the older, conservative sister of Tel Aviv. They are from different religions and cultures and they went through an important and significant path to the point of living a full life and express their identity. Today, they warmly embrace their hometown Jaffa. We will end up in a colorful tourism venture with a gender agenda  and drink a glass of wine for the life of love in all its forms.

Duration of the tour:  three hours


The tour was created especially for the events of Pride Month TLV 2020

It provokes a deep discussion and is very mush recommended for LGBT families.


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The special tours are tailored and tailored to your group:

Birthday tour / friends / family gatherings - Including a birthday ceremony with refreshments and a Birthday drink for good luck and life of creativity. You can combine a Birthday gift made by one of the artists of the tour.  

A day of fun for colleagues / staff

Tailored to the group and the goals of the day, you can combine lunch, a creative workshop that will bring out of each one of us the observant and creative spirit of an artist.  

The tour is just the beginning!

Why not go for an entire festival?

I suggest, you choose and together we put together the quality and accurate event for you. A full day? Cool! Two-Three days? great! A whole week of artists throughout Israel? Wow! Imagine that!

English tours for your VIP Internationals : For years I conducted visit programs for cultural professionals, journalists and curators. I believe there is no better way to experience the Israeli spirit than through an encounter with creative work and good art that echoes our complex identity. 


I am leading a tour for diplomats at an Israeli art exhibition in The Hague.

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